How much do dues cost?

There are no required dues!

Climbers often already have a dedicated membership at a gym, and paying for a day pass at a gym gives you access to the whole facility, so it doesn’t make sense for QuICK to have mandatory dues on top of those memberships or costs.

Instead, this past year, for we worked with gyms and crafted discounted rates for those without a gym membership:

  1. At our special events (usually once a month), gyms offer everyone who comes to our event the discounted rate.
  2. For our weekly climbs, there is a purchasable QuICK membership that can grant you discounted rates on day passes.

Note, everyone is welcome to climb with us regardless of whether they have a QuICK membership! Proceeds go toward operating costs for our organization, as well as helping people in our community who would not otherwise have the means to climb.

So, how does the discounted rate at weekly climbs work?

Here’s a table of how much it costs to climb at each of the gyms.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 1.29.10 AM

You’ll notice that the costs here vary pretty widely. Gyms have different amenities, offerings, and cultures – we recommend you peruse their websites or visit them in person in order to make a decision on which is the best fit for you. For their first time climbing, most people simply choose to go to the gym that’s closest to them.

A QuICK membership can be purchased at $25/6mo or $42/year. Making the right decision between getting a QuICK membership or gym membership depends on many factors.

Choosing boils down to how often you climb. Let’s break it down. Let’s use BKBS as an example, while approximating the QuICK membership at ~$4/month (since it’s $25 / 6 months).

You attend all four of QuICK’s Friday @ BKBS climbs a month and nothing else:

Monthly: $135
Day passes: $29 * 4 = $116
Day passes with the QuICK membership: $19 * 4 + $4 = $80

At five climbs a month, one of the climbs is no longer a QuICK climb:

Month: $135
Day passes: $29 * 4 = $145
Day passes with the QuICK membership: $19 * 4 + $4 + $29 = $109

At six climbs a month, the monthly BKBS membership makes more sense. Actually, if you’re super committed, the annual BKBS membership makes even more sense!

Month: $135
Annual: $1385 (~$115 / mo)
Day passes: $29 * 4 = $145
Day passes with the QuICK membership: $19 * 4 + $4 + $29 * 2 = $138

Here’s a table for all the gyms, taking the cost of the QuICK membership into account. If you’re in a red cell, you might be doing something wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 1.29.13 AM

Too much math? Here’s a summary:

  1. If you already have a gym membership, it doesn’t make much sense to get a QuICK membership, unless you feel strongly about supporting our organization.
  2. If you can’t climb on the day of the gym’s QuICK climb, then it doesn’t make sense to get the QuICK membership.
  3. If you can climb during our weekly climb, it makes sense to get the QuICK membership if you climb at:
    • BKB <= 5 times a week
    • RockSpot <= 4 times a week
    • MetroRock <= 4 times a week
    • CRG <= 4 times a week
  4. If you’re going more than in #3 on a consistent basis, what are you waiting for? Get a gym membership, and good job! Wow!

Want a QuICK membership? Purchase it here.

Can’t afford these prices? We get it. Climbing is an expensive sport. QuICK will be running a low-income scholarship program for folks who are unable to afford the price of climbing. Email us for updates on the development of this program.