How Do I Climb? Help!

If it’s your first time, just show up and we or the rock gyms will give you an orientation covering safety and logistics to get you started.

Becoming a good climber requires effort and time. We’ll help support your growth by helping you get acclimated to the gym through our community of supportive peers from whom you can learn skills like climbing technique and mental strength.

Unlike other sports, indoor climbing requires specially constructed facilities (rock gyms). While you don’t have to pay QuICK to climb with us, you will have to pay the rock gyms we climb at for entrance to their climbing facilities.

Figuring out how much to pay can be complicated. We started an optional paid QuICK Partnership in 2017, giving discounted rates at rock gyms during QuICK events along with perks at retailers like Inman Oasis, Butora, Arc’teryx, and more. However, depending on several factors, a rock gym membership may be more financially beneficial for you.

To make it less confusing for first timers, we offer QuICK discounted rates to everybody during their first climb at one of our events. Find more information on gym prices and discounted rates here.